This field of science is responsible for establishing what the nutritional needs of each individual are in a given situation, with the aim of improving their health and therefore their quality of life.

Within the optimal health we include the acceptance of body image by maintaining weight and proper body composition, so one of the fundamental objectives of the nutritionist will be trying to reverse the dietary imbalances and/or body composition that may affect the individual, with due process monitoring.

In addition, there are specific situations that require a change in diet, such as physiological situations that change body composition (pregnancy, aging, lactation) or specific pathological situations where the diet therapy is indicated as a treatment itself or complementary medical treatment.

Nutrition Treatments

Nutritional Assessment

• Biochemical parameters
• Anthropometric measures
• Basal metabolic rate

Study of body composition

  • Total and segmental fat mass
  • Visceral Fat Level
  • Total muscle mass and segmental
  • Body water
  • Bone Mass

Weight Loss Treatments

Individualized diets with a varied and balanced diet. Monitoring the weight loss.

Sports Nutrition

This type of treatment can be combined with the stress test or treadmill test.

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