Maxillofacial Surgery is the medical-surgical specialty responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the face and neck.

This specialty deals with various fields among which are tumours of the mouth and fractures and injuries affecting the facial area.

Surgeons are also specialists in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and pathological processes of oral cavity, among which are the removal and repair of teeth or implants.


Maxillofacial Surgery treatments


1.  Surgical Phase. Usually, the implants are placed in a single intervention.

2.  Phase of integration. It consists of the firm bond of dental implants to bone.

3.  Placement of crowns or bridges.


Hypoplastic Maxilla

Intervention aimed at correcting the position, shape and dimensions of the facial bones. In this case, patients often have an undershot jaw and bite edge to edge with some asymmetry.

Besides improving occlusion, this intervention gains greater facial harmony and a greater aesthetic smile