Is the medical specialization that treats and study the correct operation of the endocryne system. Our endocryne system is essential in the state of mind, the sleep, the vigil, mental performance, growth, muscle and joints state, hearth rate, weight and many other operations.

Among others patologies that endocrine treats, adrenal insufficiency,dibetes, growth hormone problems or hyperthyroidism.

Endocrinology treatments

General endocrinology review

This  medical consultation includes Hypothalamus function, thyroid, sexual organs, pancreas and adrenal gland.

Obesity treatment

Nutrition assessment and moitoring the obese patient. Combined queries with another specialities like cardiology, gynaecology, urology, family medicine and digestive surgery.

Women endocrinology

Thyroid dysfunction rewiev, endocrinology assessment during the pregnant, menopause and Polycystic ovary.

Thyroid monographic consultation

Goiter thyroid nodule, thyroid cancer

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