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The Da Vinci system is a robotic surgical platform that can extend the capabilities of the surgeon helping interventions with more control, more precision, less sequels and easier for the postoperative patient. The robot makes small incisions and inserts miniature instruments and a three-dimensional camera in high definition, allowing the surgeon to operate from a chair as the Da Vinci reproduces his movements. The use of the Da Vinci improves conventional laparoscopic surgery, the accuracy of the sutures and, in general, for all the movements that are performed in the patient. This surgery is minimally invasive and favours that the patients do not have to be operated through large incisions in the abdomen.

Our services in Robotic surgery

Implementation in Urology

Partial or radical Nephrectomy

Radical Cistectomia


Partial or radical Prostatectomy

Implementation in Digestive Surgery

In patients with morbid obesity, the da Vinci improves interventions and facilitates recovery.

Colorectal Surgery

Esophageal Surgery

Hiatal hernia surgery or gastroesophageal reflux.

Implementation in Gynecology


Radical surgery for the treatment of ovarian cancer

Implementation in Thoracic Surgery



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